The combination wonder allows you to monitor relevant parameters of your storage locations.

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You own a BATTERY line safety cabinet from DÜPERTHAL to protect your inventory from major damage in the event of fire. You also want to be warned of danger quickly and in good time - regardless of where you are.


Maximum safety for staff and inventory through preventive monitoring of critical conditions at the storage location. Timely information to responsible persons, e.g. fire brigade.


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When storing substances for which spontaneous combustion cannot be ruled out, e.g. lithium-ion batteries, temperature sensors are useful as a preventive measure. These serve as an early warning system to detect thermal events inside the cabinet.

Monitoring of the mechanical and automatic locking to prevent smoke gas explosions (backdraft). The information of the release is important for responsible persons as well as for the responsible fire brigade.

The combination wonder

What makes DÜPERTHAL connect with the Monitoring Manager so unique? The system is completely modular and adapts perfectly to your needs. Together we will find the perfect combination for you.

With the monitoring manager you can monitor online parameters such as temperature, humidity, fill level, ventilation door status and backdraft protection.

Select a parameter that you want to monitor. Several conditions can be created for each parameter by defining tolerable deviations and critical values. So that you can clearly assign the conditions at any time, you can give them individual names that describe the parameters to be monitored as precisely as possible. The monitoring manager can be activated and deactivated in the admin area of DÜPERTHAL connect.

Temperature: For the temperature parameter, you can specify conditions for monitoring by defining tolerable deviations and critical values.

Humidity: Specifying the humidity parameter is particularly recommended for storage, e.g. of highly hygroscopic substances - e.g. For example, at a relative humidity of more than 75%, table salt absorbs so much water that it becomes viscous.

Door status: You can define the door status for which you would like to receive a notification or an additional warning by e-Mail/SMS.

Fill level: With this parameter you can specify the conditions for monitoring the filling level by defining whether you want to receive an indication or a warning when the container is full or empty.

Exhaust air: Successful occupational safety by defining whether you would like to receive a notification or an additional warning by e-Mail/SMS in the event of anomalies in the exhaust air.

Backdraft Protection: The mechanical backdraft protection intervenes in Haverie's closet and automatically locks the doors to minimize personal injury and property damage. You can define whether you would like to receive a notification or an additional warning by e-Mail/SMS.

Tolerable deviations: Enter the limits for tolerable deviations (yellow area) that may result in the initiation of investigations, but are not a reason for initiating acute corrective measures.

Critical values: Enter the critical values (red area) that result in an acute corrective action. You will be informed by e-Mail/SMS.

Notices and warnings are played once, the user can also ignore them; it is his/her responsibility to react to them, therefore there is no reminder of a notice/warning as a new message.

Notifications on the smartphone: In case of deviations, notifications are sent directly via e-Mail or SMS.

Prioritization: The standard sorting is based on priority. Alerts are acute, then alerts are sorted by date and time (i.e., listed by priority). Alternatively, the user can also sort by time and place.

Archiving of notes and warnings: A comment is mandatory for a warning - the warning can only be archived after a comment. The archive is sorted according to the last archived note or warning.


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