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Intelligent inventory management for resources with risk potential.

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Where is what and how much?


You gain time You gain time
  • Find what you need quickly and easily using our search function for stock levels, storage locations and documents.
  • Efficiently manage stock levels to save time on inventory management and reordering, whether chemicals, batteries or consumables.
  • Fast and precise warehouse management with QR code scanning using a mobile device.
  • Quick and easy digital maintenance and configuration of storage locations.
You gain control You gain control
  • Maintain full control over your various stock levels by creating an item catalog for chemicals, gases, batteries and consumables.
  • Individual definition of storage areas and the exact location of your hazardous substances enable precise control and safety.
  • Centralized storage of important documents such as safety instructions and data sheets facilitates compliance with safety regulations and allows quick access when required.
  • The individual naming and structuring of rooms and storage locations provides a comprehensive overview and facilitates management and safety monitoring.
  • Each storage area, e.g. safety storage cabinet, fume cupboard or warehouse, can be created and configured variably and individually as a digital twin in DÜPERTHAL connect.
  • Connect existing third-party systems such as LIMS; ELN with a defined API key.
  • Keep an overview of all relevant parameters for your storage locations with monitoring.
You gain safety You gain safety
  • The automatic recommendation for combined storage increases safety by reporting incompatible storage conditions.
  • The connection to the GESTIS substance database guarantees precise information on hazardous substances and their safe handling.
  • The preparation of hazardous substance labels in accordance with GHS and mandatory symbols increases safety in the workplace by clearly communicating risks and protective measures.
  • Individual storage categories ensure safe management and appropriate safety measures for heterogeneous goods such as chemicals, batteries or gases.
  • Notices and warnings appear once; the user is responsible for responding. In the event of deviations, immediate notifications can be sent by e-mail or SMS.
You gain predictability You gain predictability
  • Optimized resource planning and coordination through cross-user management of stock items and locations.
  • The export function for stock lists improves accessibility and shareability of data, supports efficiency analysis and optimization of warehousing, enables historical trend analyses and strengthens emergency planning - essential for smooth and forward-looking operations management.
  • With a browser-based system, you ensure device-independent data availability and thus increase your operational flexibility for consistently plannable processes.
  • With DÜPERTHAL connect, you can optimize the reliability of your warehouse maintenance through adjustable maintenance intervals and reminders without ever missing a deadline. In this way, you can guarantee smooth operations at all times.



The combination marvel enables you to monitor relevant parameters of your storage sites. The Monitoring Manager ensures maximum safety for staff and inventory by proactively monitoring critical conditions at the storage location. It provides timely notifications to responsible individuals, such as the fire department.

  • Selection of a parameter to monitor
  • Definition of tolerable deviations and critical values for the parameter
  • Assignment of unique names for clear identification of conditions
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Inventory Management

Our inventory management system enables the precise assignment of hazardous materials to individual storage areas and offers an efficient search function. It includes an integrated product catalog, hazardous material labeling according to GHS, and links to the GESTIS substance database. The system facilitates easy maintenance of inventory levels, automatic recommendations for co-storage, and QR code scanning for warehouse management.

  • Search function for inventory levels, storage locations, or documents
  • Creation of a product catalog for chemicals, gases, batteries, and consumables
  • Hazardous substance labeling according to GHS and preparation of mandatory signs
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Document Management

Our Document Management provides an efficient filing system for specific documents such as safety instructions, datasheets, and user manuals. This browser-based system ensures device-independent data availability, allowing you to access important documents anytime and from anywhere.

  • Storage for specific documents, such as safety instructions, datasheets, user manuals, etc.
  • Browser-based system for device-independent data availability
  • Safety regulations always at hand
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Storage Locations

Our Storage Location Manager enables the easy digital creation, configuration, and maintenance of storage locations. You can individually structure rooms and storage spots, conduct inventory maintenance, and set up variable storage areas. Input fields for storage categories ensure proper management and safety, especially for chemicals, batteries, or gases. The reminder feature for maintenance intervals ensures that no important dates are missed.

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At DÜPERTHAL connect, we offer the capability to create an interface to third-party software. Customers are warmly invited to approach us to discuss their individual integration needs and develop customized solutions. We are ready to facilitate seamless connections between DÜPERTHAL connect and other systems, optimizing the efficiency and functionality of your workflows.

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Room for progress

As a German quality and technology leader, we set the standards in the field of system solutions for the process-optimized storage of chemicals and hazardous goods. All our products and solutions are perfectly tailored to your requirements. In addition to maximum safety, they offer maximum effectiveness and efficiency, even in situations where there is no risk of fire. In this way, we always give you, our customer, a good feeling.



Stock Management
Storage Location Management
File Management
Can I only manage DÜPERTHAL cabinets with the app?

You can manage cabinets, shelves, storage boxes, trolleys, or vehicles from any manufacturer with DÜPERTHAL connect.

Can DÜPERTHAL connect only manage chemicals?

No, you can manage all your inventory in your warehouse with DÜPERTHAL connect.

What monitoring options are available?

For storage locations, such as safety cabinets, exhaust air monitoring is available. It is possible to monitor temperatures in the room or in the storage compartments, with two different sensors available (PT-100 up to 100°C and K-Type up to 600°C). Furthermore, in sensitive storage situations, the door status (closed/open) at the storage location can be monitored.

Are there reminders for when maintenance of safety cabinets is due?

You can activate a maintenance event for each storage location and enter email addresses that will be informed up to several weeks in advance about the upcoming maintenance. The app assumes that maintenance of the storage location is due one year after delivery or the last maintenance.

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