The storage and management of hazardous substances is always a challenge for companies and their employees in their daily work.
Unorganised processes cost valuable time.

This is exactly where MyDÜPERTHAL comes in and provides the answers:

Our solution is as simple as it is effective: an application that allows you to query all relevant stock levels of your safety cabinets and storage equipment at any time and from anywhere. Whether you use your smartphone, tablet or PC, you are always up to date.


Free space for progress

A study presented by the Fraunhofer Institute für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung (Manufacturing Engineering and Automation) IPA in 2021 looked at the state of digitalisation in life science laboratories. It shows that non-value-added activities cost laboratory employees and managers a lot of time every day.

"Non-value-added" tasks are activities that are part of the organisation of the laboratory but do not directly relate to the execution of an experiment. According to the study, inventories represent a particularly time-intensive challenge, taking the top position in the naming of non-value-added activities with 93%. The study results additionally show that the area of documentation takes up an average of 26% of daily working time.

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of the daily working time is taken up by activities such as inventory recording or documentation.

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of daily non-value-added activities and challenges relate to the management level.

In addition to the question of which challenges and non-value-added activities laboratory employees and managers are confronted with on a daily basis, it was also analysed whether there is a connection to the current level of digitalisation, networking and automation. The result: employees would like to have a more paperless laboratory.

Source: Fraunhofer IPA

MyDÜPERTHAL digitally provides and documents up-to-date information on your hazardous substances - this creates transparency, ease of workload and employee satisfaction. In this way, non-value-added activities can be minimised and additional free space for employees can be created through new processes. The result: more time to use the expertise in the various specialist fields more efficiently.

Not convinced yet? Let's let the data speak for themselves!

Fact check - calculate your savings potential:

Laboratory employees Laboratory Manager
Annual salary in €
Non-value-added activities in %
Of which pro rata storage management in %
Goal of saving with MyDÜPERTHAL 50% 50%
∅-Costs of non-value-added storage activities per employee / month 239,41 €
∅-Costs of non-value-added warehouse activities of all employees / month 1.436,46 €
MyDÜPERTHAL license (monthly fee net) Team 195,00 €
∅-Costs of non-value-added storage activities per employee / month 239,41 €
∅-Costs of non-value-added warehouse activities of all employees / month 1.436,46 €
MyDÜPERTHAL license (monthly fee net) Team 195,00 €
Your savings per month
1.241,46 €


Connecting individual processes

Flammable liquids, compressed gas cylinders, lithium-ion batteries, acids and lyes - the variety of hazardous substances is enormous. It is therefore important to keep an overview. Despite the specific differences and the large range of special storage solutions, MyDÜPERTHAL has succeeded in combining all storage requirements into one network (storage cluster).

Bundled information on occupational safety, filling quantities, stock levels and much more can be displayed centrally for you at any time. That doesn't just sound great, it also provides noticeable ease of use.
At the same time, we always keep an eye on the security of your data - naturally in compliance with the DSGVO (German Data Protection Act).


Extremely good reasons:


Stabilisation of processes and increase of occupational safety through guided and paperless workflows.


Increased employee satisfaction and creativity in everyday tasks due to easier workload.


Efficient use of saved time for more productivity. The result: a fast ROI.


Everything essential available

Process-related information and digital inventory management with MyDÜPERTHAL:

  • Location of your hazardous materials and definition of individual storage areas
  • Data and quantities of chemicals, lithium-ion batteries and consumables
  • Hazardous substance labelling according to GHS and mandatory signs
  • Documents such as data sheets, safety and operating instructions
  • Reminder functions such as service and maintenance intervals
  • Data availability on-site and remote access



  • ESSENTIAL-Account
    • Owner
    • plus 2 additional users/admins

  • Storage included (cloud hosting):
    • 5 GB for documents of article catalogue, cabinets etc..

  • Search function for stocks and inventory, storage locations or documents
  • Creation of an article catalogue
  • Link to GESTIS substance database (hazardous substance information system)
  • Stock management with QR code scan
  • Set usage locations (spanning all users)
  • Configuration of articles, locations and reminder events
  • Export of stock and inventory lists of cabinets and locations
  • Upgrade to TEAM and ADVANCED possible
software_monthly 159€
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  • TEAM-Account
    • Owner
    • plus 5 additional users/admins

  • Storage included (cloud hosting):
    • 50 GB for documents of article catalogue, cabinets etc.

  • All functions of ESSENTIAL
  • User account can be expanded at any time
  • Upgrade to ADVANCED possible
software_monthly 195€
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  • ADVANCED-Account
    • Owner
    • plus 25 additional users/admins

  • Storage included (cloud hosting):
    • 200 GB for documents of article catalogue, cabinets etc.

  • All functions of ESSENTIAL
  • User account can be expanded at any time
software_monthly 895€
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No problem - just get in touch with us! We will be happy to consult you and find a solution together.
With our ENTERPRISE model, we combine the functions of the packages and customise them according to your wishes. With ENTERPRISE, we can individually specify, for example, the number of users, adapt it to your needs, enable interfaces to existing systems, e.g. ERP, ELN, LIMS or implement automatic processes. We look forward to your request!


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