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In research and production operations, the requirements on each individual regarding performance, efficiency, and costs are continuously increasing. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that specialized professionals today have to spend up to 40% of their working time directly on non-specialty tasks and extensive documentation duties. To make these situations more efficient, DÜPERTHAL has developed intelligent solutions that will also make your daily work easier.

With DÜPERTHAL connect, occupational safety is up to date with technology

Operators are obligated to assess the dangers that can emanate from technical equipment and devices as part of a risk assessment and to implement protective measures derived from this assessment according to the state of the art. The diverse capabilities of DÜPERTHAL connect create sustainable process safety and can be considered state of the art in your hazard analysis.

Inventory management

  • Search function for stock levels, storage locations or documents
  • Creation of an article catalog for chemicals, gases, batteries and consumables
  • Hazardous substance labeling according to GHS and mandatory symbols prepared
  • Link to GESTIS substance database (hazardous substance information system)
  • Cross-user creation of stock item locations and places of use
  • Automatic recommendation for combined storage
  • Warehouse management with QR code scan
  • Export function for storage lists of warehouses and premises


  • Selection of a parameter to be monitored
  • Definition of tolerable deviations and critical values for the parameter
  • Assignment of individual names for clear assignment of the conditions
  • Activation and deactivation of the monitoring function in the admin area of DÜPERTHAL connect
  • Monitor temperature, fill level, door status, humidity, exhaust air and backdraft protection
  • You can obtain the associated hardware directly from us

Prevention through monitoring of all parameters relevant to the process.

  • Monitoring of temperature for the preventive early detection of thermal events, for quality assurance, or for simple compliance with hazardous substance regulations according to safety data sheets. 
  • Monitoring of fill levels to minimize the risk of overfilling in accordance with national laws and guidelines, in Germany, for example, TRGS 509 and WHG.
  • Monitoring the relative humidity in the laboratory in the range of 40-60% is of crucial importance for the health protection of employees. It also serves as a basis for quality ensuring and for the protection of samples and sensitive equipment.
  • Monitoring of the exhaust air function according to DIN 1946-7: Especially during decanting and transferring, the exhaust air function must be continuously monitored (24/7) to prevent the formation of an explosive atmosphere in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 60079-10-1.
  • Monitoring of door status to ensure they are closed as intended according to DIN EN 14470-1/-2.
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Storage location management

  • Configuration of locations and premises
  • Inventory maintenance of storage locations, e.g. safety cabinets, warehouses - including variable & individually configurable storage areas
  • Input fields for storage categories
  • Adjustable maintenance intervals with reminder function

Document storage

  • Storage for specific documents such as safety instructions, data sheets, operating instructions, etc.
  • Browser-based system for device-independent data availability
  • Safety regulations always to hand


At DÜPERTHAL Connect, we offer the option of creating an interface to third-party software. Customers are welcome to approach us to discuss their individual integration needs and develop customized solutions. We are ready to enable seamless connections between DÜPERTHAL Connect and other systems to optimize the efficiency and functionality of your workflows.


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