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Can DÜPERTHAL connect be used free of charge?

Yes, DÜPERTHAL connect can be used completely free of charge in the starter package. Convince yourself and register.

Is my data safe?

Yes, the software was developed with the strictest security precautions in mind. The protection of your data is important to us and the processes have been checked by a data protection specialist.

Can the software be introduced to me?

Yes, we would be happy to present our software to you in a video conference. You are welcome to book an appointment with one of our contact persons.

What return on investment can I expect?

With DÜPERTHAL connect you save time, avoid errors and optimize your processes. We have created a calculator for you to calculate your personal ROI. You can find it here.

Who is the operator of DÜPERTHAL connect?

DÜPERTHAL connect was developed by DÜPERTHAL Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG. DÜPERTHAL is the German quality and technology leader and sets the standards in the field of system solutions for the process-optimized storage of chemicals and dangerous goods.

Which software packages can be booked?

There are 3 standard software packages: STARTER, TEAM and ADVANCED. The STARTER package is free of charge, the TEAM and ADVANCED packages include the Inventory Manager module. The difference between TEAM and ADVANCED is the number of users and the available storage space for documents of article catalog, cabinets etc.

Where is my data stored?

Your data will be stored and processed in Germany in compliance with DSGVO. Here we take over the costs for server operation and server maintenance.

Alternatively, you can use your existing servers for data processing.

What payment options are available?
  • monthly via credit card or SEPA direct debit
  • annual payment by invoice
Do I need to install software to use DÜPERTHAL connect?

DÜPERTHAL connect is a browser-based web application that can be used regardless of browser or end device - accordingly, no installations are necessary.

What is the article catalog for?

The article catalog lists all article types that you need to assign to your article inventories. An article type (chemical, medium, battery, consumable, etc.) is first added and then assigned to a stock (e.g. a bottle of a certain chemical). Thus, the item type and its data can always be reused.

Can I only manage cabinets from DÜPERTHAL with the app?

You can manage cabinets, shelves, storage boxes, trolleys or vehicles from any manufacturer with DÜPERTHAL connect.

Can you only manage chemicals with DÜPERTHAL connect?

You can manage all your stocks in your facility with DÜPERTHAL connect.

How can I use DÜPERTHAL connect to prevent chemicals that react dangerously with each other from being stored together?

With DÜPERTHAL connect, TRGS 510 prohibitions on combined storage are automatically taken into account during storage and there is a warning message if substances are stored together that are not allowed to be stored together according to the combined storage table.

Are there reminders when maintenance of safety cabinets is due?

You can activate a maintenance event for each storage location and store email addresses that will receive the information by mail any number of weeks in advance that your storage location is due for maintenance. The app expects the storage location to be serviced 1 year after delivery or the last maintenance.

What do I see in the check-outs?

Check outs will display all checked out item inventory that is temporarily in use. The time of the check-out, the usage location and the user are displayed.

Where can I get the Fluics Printer for DÜPERTHAL connect?

Contact us. We offer a combination package with DÜPERTHAL connect including FLUICS Printer for printing chemical resistant labels. You can add the label printer under system administration using the API key.

I would like to expand my users. How is this possible?

Open the Payment Service under System Administration. There you can book a bigger package under Packages. If the packages you see are not sufficient, please contact us.

What are the user groups for?

The user groups are used to divide roles.

  • The owner has all possible accesses to use the application. He can create admins and users, access the Paymemt service to view invoices and book packages, create premises and edit the item catalog and create storage locations and maintain the inventories
  • The admin has the same accesses as the owner excl. access to the payment service
  • The user/user has access to inventory management (create storage location, maintain inventory)
What can I find under search?

Under Search you will find a search field with full text search function. You can filter by products, article types, documents and CAS numbers. The results come from the stored data in the article catalog and article inventory. Stocks that are already in the check-outs are marked here with "In use".

What interface does DÜPERTHAL connect have for connecting to existing systems?

We work with a REST interface. Please feel free to contact us. During a team meeting or on-site appointment, we can work out a joint solution for connecting DÜPERTHAL connect to your system.

Can my inventory data be imported into DÜPERTHAL connect?

Please feel free to send us your data. We will check whether we can import your data into DÜPERTHAL connect for you once. This involves a one-time cost.

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